Track your rides.

The app app that tracks your ride better than anything else out there. A true cycle computer.

The best cycle computer you can download

Get the benefits of an expensive power meter from your existing phone

Power meter

Uses opposing force technology to estimate your power output through your ride.

Use your device sensors

Uses your GPS, barometer, and accelerometer to provide accurate data to the app.


Speed calculated accurately with advanced algorithms and device sensors.

View ride history

Your ride history is saved to monitor your performance over time and for analytics in the future.

Export to Strava

Export your ride history to strava for the world to see.

Adjust settings

Adjust your weight, cycle weight and riding still to improve the app's accuracy.

Ride the smart way

Multiple pages of stats while riding to see just the data you need, when you need it

Third person GPS view

View your trip in the third person view. Use GPS to find your location, speed and altitude.

Detailed stats, just when you need it

Focus on your power output, location, speed or other stats arranged in easy to understand pages.

Track your progress

View stats for each of your rides, or export them to Strava for the world to see.

See all your completed ride stats

Your distance, speed, location history, power and los of other stats easily available after every ride

Improve your performance over time

First step to improvement is to benchmark yourself, and with a clear view of your ride history, you're on track to become a better cyclist by just downloading the app!

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